Meet Natalia Zukerman

Natalia Zukerman is one of fourteen acts to appear at the 2022 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Thursday Night Music Stage.

I can’t recall the first time I heard Natalia Zukerman but I can tell you that I was riveted. She has exceptional command of her guitar and her lyrical rootsy voice is captivating. The New Yorker rightly described her: “Natalia’s voice could send an orchid into bloom while her guitar playing can open a beer bottle with its teeth.” She has a quiet gentle quality but she can make her guitar stretch and groan with the best of them in the blues tradition. Natalia’s music also incorporates a jazzy feel that is irresistible. Sitting back and listening to her in concert is akin to being on a thrill ride in an amusement park and then the next minute feeling like you’re drifting down a lazy river being lulled by her luscious voice.

Natalia’s bio on her website includes information about her forays into poetry, art, teaching, health and wellness work, as well as producing a one-woman multimedia show called The Women Who Rode Away. Reading about all the various projects that Natalia is involved in is absolutely breathtaking. Literally. She has exceled at combining her varied skills and working with others to produce art and advocates for women’s health. Natalia is talented beyond measure and it is an honor to present her on the Thursday Night Music Stage at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

Take a moment and read more about the extraordinary Natalia Zukerman.

Here’s a video of one of my favorite Natalia songs from her back catalog.

Here’s a promo for The Women Who Rode Away. If you happen to be in Reykjavik, Iceland on August 11, you can catch a performance of the show.

The Thursday Night Music Stage takes place as part of The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival on July 28, 2022 at the Goshen, CT Fair Grounds.  This stage is sponsored by Harbortown Music and Scotten Jones Productions. Please consider signing up for email alerts to this blog for additional information about other artists.

Graphic provided by the one and only Peter Lehndorff.