Quick Q and A with Jeanie Stahl

Jeanie Stahl is a beloved member of the Marblehead community.  Her rendition of “Marblehead Morning” is one of the most exquisite songs ever put on vinyl (back in the day).  It wasn’t long before her musical partnership with Mason Daring had the two musicians roaming all over the Northeast singing their songs and gaining more and more fans.  It’s a rare and beautiful occasion to have the two of them on the stage at the me&thee coffeehouse.

You haven’t been singing and playing around as much in recent years. Do you miss being in the limelight?

I really don’t miss being in the limelight. What I miss is spending more time on music and the fun of playing and performing and seeing friends and acquaintances when we play at area gigs.

 Is there a music project that you dream about and would like to tackle some day?

There’s no project at the moment, but I would like to continue writing songs and maybe recording some of them or have others perform and record them. I haven’t written much in a long time, but have started again recently and it’s been rewarding spending more time on music.

A song that you co-wrote called “Beyond Appearances” was covered by Santana.  How did that come about?

Ha! That’s one on me. I’ve never heard of the song and I don’t know of anything that Santana recorded of mine. Is there another Jeanie Stahl?

{Note: All Music cites this composition. Thought it seemed it a little odd but very cool.]

If you could collaborate with one or two musicians (living or dead), who would they be and what kind of music would you conjure up together?

Well, I’ve been lucky to already have collaborated with two that are high on my list – Mason and Harriet Reisen, the lyricist I worked with. And, of course, there are the Passim All Stars. We have collaborated in different ways. Decades ago, Stuart Schulman, Bill Novick and I had a jazz band called One Sings the Others Don’t. Then Guy Van Duser on guitar helped me out for a year or so when I performed solo and was limited physically in how much I could play guitar. And singing harmony on some of Bill Staines’ records has always been a joy. But to really answer your question, I would love to sing in a band with Emmy Lou Harris or Lyle Lovett. And I wouldn’t mind doing a duet with Tony Bennett – everyone else has!

Do you have any special memories of Passim All Star appearances with Mason Daring, Bill Staines, Stuart Schulman, and Guy Van Duser and Billy Novick?

One of the memories for all of us were the snowstorms that happened in the early years of our doing the All Star performances at Passim. They were always in January – a slow time for the Club, so we were able to boost attendance for them during a down period. And our wonderful fans came out even in the snowstorms! Many of the storms were magical – white and fluffy snow. People were lined up down the block waiting to get in and still in a good mood. It made for some special and cozy performances while the snow swirled outside. And, of course, there is the camaraderie of playing with a group of friends and talented musicians. It’s fun for us and we want it to be fun for the audience as well.

Jeanie and Mason will be appearing at the me&thee on Friday, September 14 along with the superb Richard Gates.

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