Quick Q and A with Kieran Kane (Go Jane Go)

Go Jane Go is a trio.  Go Jane Go is a record.  Go Jane Go is Kieran Kane, David Francey, and Lucas Kane.  As Kieran says below, the album is as close to a field recording as you can get indoors.  The sense of camaraderie is palpable when listening to the songs unfold.  Both Kieran and David have pretty serious songwriting chops; this album represents some very tasty tunes.  Queue up the first song on the CD and settle in and enjoy—you’ll feel like you’re hanging with the guys at an intimate house concert.

I dare you to listen to the title song without tapping your toes and singing along.  Check out this video:

For more information about Kieran Kane, go to this site:

And about David Francey.


First off, I’ve got to ask—how did you and David Francey meet?  You come from very different parts of the continent.  How did your paths meet?

David and I met at the Winnipeg Folk Festival… I was at one end of a workshop stage…he at the other end…..when he stood up to sing he knocked me out…his voice surely …but the songs were amazing….as I recall I went to him after the show to tell him what I’d thought and we became great friends that day.

A few years later he came to Nashville to make a record with me, Fats Kaplin and Kevin Welch. The four of us toured a bit in Canada.  Since then we’ve written quite a few songs together…some that I recorded…some that he recorded on a record  I produced for him called Late Edition.  We wrote some new ones that have turned up on the Go Jane Go record, along with some new versions of songs as well…

 The recording of the Go Jane Go CD sounds fascinating.  What’s this about recording it in a farmhouse in Australia?  Was the recording a planned project or did it just come together while you both “Down Under”?

David and I, through a friend in Melbourne, put an art show together.  We both paint….not knowing if we would sell any paintings we booked some shows as well and when we had enough we were able to bring in Lucas to do the dates with us. I brought along a little zoom recorder to record some live shows, just to have them. That didn’t work out but we ended up at the farm in Terip Terip outside Melbourne ….set up shoulder to shoulder in the living room and with the aide of one more mic proceeded to record….no playback system…in mono….no effects….it’s as close to a field recording you can get and still be indoors.

Why did you decide to call your trio after the song “Go Jane Go”?  What is it about that tone, topic, or theme of that song that resonated so much?

 The name of the song and the name of the band as far as I know have nothing to do with one another. While on our first tour when we recorded the record,  we decided we were in fact a band and being tired of listing all these names every time we played we decided to come up with a name…I suggested Go Jane Go. David loved it; Lucas not so much…but there it is.

The song came about as most do — with us sitting around talking while I bang on a guitar or banjo. We talked about small town life and at some point I started singing gojane go…go jane go…then we wrote the song.

Your son, Lucas Kane, also contributed to this music making of Go Jane Go by adding electric guitar, percussion, and vocals.  Have the two of you played together often?

Lucas and I have been playing together….well  I don’t know how long…he started after the release of the Kane/ Welch/ Kaplin record, Lost John Dean. Working with him is a gift I never imagined. I love it and he brings such a unique style to all his contributions

Do you suspect that Go Jane Go is a one-off project?  Are there any rumors we could start about another record or tour?

We finished a two month Australian tour in April to promote the record. It was great. At the moment we have no plans. David is off touring his latest solo record and that should carry him thru till next year.  After that…who knows. Surely he will drive down to my cabin in the Adirondacks from Ontario and I imagine somewhere in there songs will get written. You’ve gotta do something with those tunes.


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