Richard Thompson at Prescott Park (Portsmouth, NH)


There’s not much you can say about Richard Thompson that has not been said before.

Several days after this show and I’m still in awe.  His guitar playing is exquisite.  His songwriting is beyond compare.

If you have lived in a cave and haven’t discovered Richard after all these years, I highly recommend, you rush over to his website to learn all about him.  He’s a master at both acoustic and electric guitar.   He’s a master….period.


  1. It was an awesome show. I have several of his records, and have to admit I rarely listen to them. Part of that was I was never fond of his voice. But live it worked very well. I liked it alot. My wive and our 2 friends who sat at our table (Dead Center) had never even heard the name Richard Thompson before, but he added 3 more fans to his legion. I’m still scratching my head over the Britney Spears cover though.

  2. Saw him in Lowell the night before, awesome as well. If you follow RT a bit you’ll find why he did a Britney Spears cover. It was part of his ‘1000 years of popular music’ shows that he did a few years back. If you forget Britney for a moment and just focus on the song ‘Oops I did it again’ is actually fairly well constructed….seriously…I really mean it (see!/album/1000+Years+Of+Popular+Music/418394). Of course in Richard Thompson’s hands, most any song could sound good.

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