Quick Q and A with David Francey

What can you say about a former carpenter turned songwriter and artist?  You can say that he’s got a lot of experience in the workaday world and that he’s learned a lot about the life – so much so that his lyrics and music resonate profoundly with fans from east to west and north to south.  He’s a Scot who moved to Canada and has become an important voice in that nation.  James Keelaghan, perhaps one of the most revered Canadian songwriters currently plying his trade today, has proclaimed Francey as “the best Canadian folk writer that I have heard in 20 years.”  That’s going some.   David Francey is the real thing.

Check out more information about David Francey on his website.

Here’s a video for “Rain” from David’s latest CD, So Say We All.


First of all, congratulations on yet another Juno Award nomination in the Roots and Traditional category.  Your newest CD, So Say We All has received all kinds of praise.  Is it perhaps your most personal recording to date?

 Since I write from experience all the work is personal, but I would agree that this is certainly so. With the belief that most of those experiences are shared ones. I think most of them are.

You’ve added another hockey song to your repertoire, “A Game Going On.”  What’s the genesis of that particular song?

 “A Game Goin’ On” is a co-write with Dave Gunning. I had the chorus for a long while and never found the right verses. I shared it with Dave at Celtic Colours Songwriters House. We managed to finish it and lo and behold Dave won the Hockey Song Contest. We recorded a final version in Dartmouth with Joel Plaskitt producing. A great deal of fun.

 Speaking of hockey, I understand that you’ll be donning your skates and will be part of the Juno Cup, a charity game that is played before the June Awards later this month.  What position do you play?  Who are your hockey heroes?

 At the Juno Cup I will be playing Goalie for the ex-NHL team. It’s a riot! I’ve been lucky enough to play four times or so. I’m really looking forward to it. I am a long suffering Toronto Maple Leafs fan to the core. They will win the Stanley Cup again in my life time, should I live long enough.

Greatest of all time: Wayne Gretzky.


When you’re not writing songs or touring, what do you like to do in your spare time?

 I like to paint. That’s the most satisfying. Completing a good painting equates to finishing a good song. Plus when I do paint I am in my own world and time is irrelevant.

 Tell us about your accompanist, Craig Werth.  How did you meet and how long have you been playing together?

 I have played and worked with exceptional musicians over the years, none more so than Craig Werth. He is a vast talent musically, and a truly gifted accompanist and arranger. Not to mention a brilliant songwriter himself. We met when I first played for Harvey Reid at Seacoast Guitar Society. I met Craig that night, played his  CD on the way home and became a fan. We won a Juno with Right of Passage and toured the world together for four years. He is a dear and roadworthy friend and a joy to perform with. He is also the funniest man I have ever met.

Photo by Beth Girdler.


  1. Thank you for this article! Well done. It makes my heart smile to see that David and Craig will be performing together again. They are kind and tender souls and brilliantly gifted artists.

  2. David Francey’s songs ring true. I am so looking forward to hearing him soon at the me and thee. See you there.

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