Quick Q and A with Greg Klyma

Greg Klyma is one of the hardest working musicians I have ever met.  Originally from Buffalo, New York, he’s been traveling the folk / acoustic music circuit across the country for many years. It’s only fairly recently that he settled on Boston as his home base and he has added so much to the quality of music in the area.  Greg has had residencies at local clubs and his current one is on Sunday nights at Thunder Road in Somerville.  In addition to being a singer-songwriter bar none, Greg is a natural and most captivating storyteller.

To learn more about Greg, visit his website.

Here’s a cool video of Greg singing “New Clothes.”


What was the first Bob Dylan song that you remember hearing?

“One More Night” was my first favorite song, but that probably means that the first one I actually knowingly heard was “Girl from the North Country.” The first time I remember hearing Dylan sing was his contribution to “We Are the World.” I wasn’t into him based on that.

What were your impressions about Dylan then?  And now? Have your impressions of Dylan changed over the years?

This is impossible for me to answer. It’s too big.

Do you have a favorite Dylan song or time period?


Have you seen Dylan live?  If so, what were your impressions of the show?

I’ve seen Dylan, I guess, around 7 times. Always with a band. A few of those shows were flat out amazing. Especially when he had Larry Campbell and Charlie Sexton on guitars. Wow! what a band. And always reworking the arrangements of the songs. Just goes to show you, if it’s a good song, you can play it any number of ways.

How has Dylan’s music affected your own songwriting and style?

Dylan influenced the Beatles. Johnny Cash. Tom Petty. Am I missing anyone? How has he affected me? I don’t know, if you don’t think Bob Dylan’s been an influence on you, you’re probably just not paying attention or you’re willfully ignorant of it. I almost always answer this question by asking “how has Jesus influenced the priesthood?” or some such question. Dylan’s work will affect me till I die.

What can your fans expect to hear from or about you in the near future?

I am trying to raise funds to manufacture and promote a new album. If I reach my goal, fans will hear the best songs I’ve written performed with Gurf Morlix, Peter Case, Bill Kirchen and other friends. I’m nowhere near my goal though and hoping for a miracle. Here’s the link if folks can help out: http://www.pledgemusic.com/gregklyma



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