Quick Q and A with Seth Glier

Huffington Post says of Seth: “This young blood wields an old-soul air.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Seth Glier was made for the stage.  He comes alive the moment he steps to the microphone and starts singing his songs and the listener is compelled to lean in and reflect on every word and every note because you can tell that they mean so much to him.  It makes for a compelling performance and it’s virtually impossible to walk away unmoved by the experience.

Learn more about Seth on his website.

Here’s a recent video of Seth singing his song “I’m Still Looking.”

Seth Glier and Joe Nerney will be playing at the me&thee in Marblehead, MA on Friday, March 23, 2018.

Tell us how your latest album, Birds, is different from any of your other recorded efforts?

Well, Birds was a turn in direction from making my last few albums in big-time recording studios. I wanted to take my time and really get inside everything, so I recorded it from home. much like my first two albums.

Another aspect of the process that was different was that many of the songs were actually the demos that we built up a bit. There was something about the vulnerability of my very first performance of the tunes that felt exciting.”

How do the new songs translate to live performances?

I think they translate pretty well. I’ve been experimenting much more in painting with sound. I’m bringing an electric guitar out that allows me to give a variety of colors to the songs. I’m also using several looping pedals on my voice that allows me to build up different tracks and add layers that I wouldn’t be able to do without the help of technology. I’m embracing that at the moment.

Your cover of “For What It’s Worth” is a show-stopper and it’s probably more relevant than ever.  Obviously, that song was first recorded before you were even born, what made you think of introducing or re-introducing it to your audiences?

Well I started covering that as I was headed down to headline the Woody Guthrie festival a few years ago. every lyric is just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. I’m 29 years old and I think there can be a lot of misplaced animosity with my generation towards the older generation. I wanted to have a song that addressed what was going on today but would invite the generation that birthed this song to come back to the streets. we need your engagement and guidance more than ever before.

Tell us about your bandmate, Joe Nerney.

Joe really needs so introduction. He plays saxophone, harmonica, piano, and recorder and is an all-around show stopper. It’s a privilege to watch him work his magic night after night.

You’ve become known as a social justice ambassador for a couple of different causes: autism and child welfare.  What can you tell us about these special causes that are close to your heart?

My brother’s involvement in my life has a lot to do with my altruism. Jamie, my brother, was born with autism and lived his life completely non-verbal. He passed away right as I began to write for Birds. In a roundabout way my relationship with him taught me that the only responsible thing you can do with a spotlight is shine it on someone else. I’m incredible lucky to live the life I have. Not many people get a microphone handed to them night after night. I think part of that privilege comes to advocating for folks that could use some additional attention.

About a week after our show in Marblehead I’ll be going overseas to work with the US State Department on a cultural diplomacy program in Mongolia, China, and Ukraine. Especially we’re trying to use the universal language of music as a means to build ties with communities and I’m sure learn a whole lot along the way.

Touring is a big part of your life.  Do you ever get sick of it or do you start missing it if you take some time off for yourself?

Sometimes I get bored and then I change everything up. I don’t get sick of it. I do get a little salty when I’m home too long. It’s not that I don’t like time at home it’s just that when I’m playing music for people is feels like such a part of my purpose and staying connected to that is imperative to me.

Do you have any particular career highlights that you’d like to share?

Well I’m usually not one that gets too excited about awards but this latest record Birds was a difficult one to get right and felt a bit scary to make at times. I’m really touched that it received 5 Independent music award nominations.

Usually the highlights for me are finishing a song when you know you got it right. there is no feeling quite like that one.

Do you have any goals for the future?

Well I’m getting married this fall so a big goal for me is to not f*** that up. 😉



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