Introducing “Through the Musical Cosmos” ….


I’ve been taking a well-deserved hiatus from blogging this summer.  But I have NOT taken a hiatus from discovering and re-discovering terrific music.  My friend, Mary Reines, Arts Editor of the Marblehead Reporter, and I have been collaborating on a podcast called “Through the Musical Cosmos.”  We are a generation apart but our passion for music is identical in spirit.  We’re now at Podcast episode #22 so it’s about time that I started sharing it over here on this platform, right?  We’re all music fans.  Keep supporting independent music!

I thought I’d see if we get any traction here on my interview blog and see if we can win you over with a podcast!  We’d love to have you listen and interact with us.  Why not suggest musicians we should check out and share with the world?

This podcast episode is devoted to two Emerging Artists from Falcon Ridge Folk Festival which I just attended this past weekend and two acts from the Otis Mountain Get Down which Mary will be attending next month.   I discuss two new acts: Andrew Delaney and Oliver the Crow.  Mary tells us about Taylor Kingman and Honeysuckle.

Let us know if you enjoy this podcast and please like us over on Soundcloud!

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