Through the Musical Cosmos Episode 24

This week’s podcast gives a nod to the fabulous Campfire Festival at Club Passim in Harvard Square, Cambridge.  Kathy introduces you to two musicians who are frequent Campfire guests — Rose Polenzani and Ralston Bowles.  Both have Midwestern roots but have become fan favorites in the Northeast.  Club Passim presents this fun and funky indoor festival every Labor Day and Memorial Day weekend and it’s a great opportunity to catch new and old acts alike.

Mary shares the music of Sugar Candy Mountain, a psych-folk-rock band who will be appearing at Otis Mountain Get Down as well as a number of venues across the country. Check out their itinerary.  They are real road warriors!  Mary also shares some music by Julia Caesar from their new recording, Heavy Flow. The band hails from Burlington, VT and is also going to be appearing at Otis Mountain Get  Down in Elzabethtown, NY in early September.


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