Episode 36: Through the Musical Cosmos

Here’s another podcast episode of Through the Musical Cosmos.  These podcasts are available on Soundcloud but I occasionally insert them here as well!

This week’s podcast features a broad array of music–from a cappella to Americana to rock to hip hop.  That’s what fun and different about the podcast that Mary Reines (Marblehead Reporter Arts Editor) and I do… an intergenerational potpourri of music that we’re listening to and sometimes we agree or we agree to disagree. 😉

Episode 36 includes an a cappella version of “The Rain, The Park, and Other Things” by The Cowsills.  Who doesn’t remember “I love the flower girl….”?!!?  I’ve been a fan of the Cowsills since I was a kid and I’m loyal to them through thick and thin.  If you have not kept track of this family band since they emerged on the scene in the late 1960s, check them out here. Their story is one of a much joy and much heartbreak but most of all—perseverance and love.

I also highlight Boston favorite, Susan Cattaneo.  She is a prolific singer-songwriter who has shared her many talents and love of the community for quite some time.  Susan has had experience being part of the songwriting circle in Nashville and now teaches her song skills at Berklee College of Music.  Susan’s latest recording is a two-CD set called  “The Hammer and the Heart” which features a mix of folky singer-songwritery types of songs and some with a harder edge — thus the title of the CD.

Mary takes a turn and shares some new music by Joshua Speers.  Mary has discovered the joy of connecting the dots with various musicians and in this case, she knew Joshua through his work with a band called Otter, then with Caroline Rose and now she’s getting to present his solo work and shares his new single “Bad Night.”  Here’s an interview that Mary did with Joshua earlier this year.

Token is another one of Mary’s favorite musicians and how cool is that he used to live here in the mecca of all music — Marblehead, MA?  Who knew?  Token’s career in music has been soaring.  Hell, Mark Wahlberg has proclaimed him as his new favorite rapper.  Give a listen to Token’s newest song, “No Service” on this podcast.

You want variety?  This episode covers an eclectic mix of styles.  Enjoy!  We love feedback so please let us know what you think!






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