Through the Musical Cosmos: Episode 43

It has been a while since I last posted an episode of the podcast “Through the Musical Cosmos” over here on my blog.

My colleague in musical crime, Mary Reines, featured the music of Hawthorn and Big Thief.  We’ve both had the pleasure of seeing Hawthorn live at Club Passim and we both have Big Thief on our “must catch live” list! Upcoming hometown record release for Hawthorn is at the Lizard Lounge on April 12.  Other dates are on their website Big Thief will be playing everywhere or nearly everywhere this year.  Check out these dates.

I featured the music of The Barefoot Movement and Dom Flemons in this episode.  There’s a great deal of anticipation about bringing two new acts to the stage of the me&thee this month.  The Barefoot Movement will be playing on March 22 and Dom Flemons will be playing on March 29.  Tickets for both shows are available here.

Check out my interview with The Barefoot Movement here.

And here’s an interview I did with Dom Flemons here.

You can hear Mary Reines and I wax eloquently about these four musical acts on Episode 43.

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