Fun Facts about Danielle Miraglia

Danielle Miraglia is one of the most popular New England-based musicians around and has been for many years.  Check out these high-fives from respected organizations:

2019 Female Performer of the Year: New England Music Awards

2018/2019 Blues Artist of the Year nominee: Boston Music Awards

2018 Songwriter of the Year and Roots Act of the Year nominee: New England Music Awards

2015 Singer/Songwriter of the Year Nominee: Boston Music Awards

NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) Formal Showcase

Redline Roots Big Red Favorite Local Female Songwriter

Honorable Mention: Telluride Festival

Danielle brings a mixture of sass and sensitivity to the blues. She can out-stomp the best of ‘em and wail a soulful song just like Janis. Danielle plays solo as well as with her band, the Glory Junkies.

Learn more about Danielle at her website.

Here’s Danielle playing “You Don’t Know Nothing.”

Danielle Miraglia will be joining Erin Harpe and Kerri Powers at the me&thee in Marblehead, MA on Friday, November 1.  Here are some fun facts about her!

Favorite Prince song:

Oh man. Tough one. I love so many. Easier to pick my favorite album – Sign of the Times. But I can pick a few faves that might not be at the top of the popular lists: “Adore” “Forever in My Life” (Both From Sign of the Times)
“Erotic City” (B Side)

“Seventeen Days” (B Side)

“Controversy” (From Controversy)

“Automatic” (From 1999)

“Temptation” (From Around the World in A Day)

Favorite color: 

Black or red for clothes. Purple or light orange for the sky and the walls of my fantasy bungalow.

Least favorite food:


Sweet or savory:

Savory if I could only have one for the rest of time, but I can really commit to a whole pint of Ben n Jerry’s.

Best road trip you’ve ever taken:

Touring to Kerrville, TX and back with my husband in the early years of our relationship.  Driving together in the South in a black Dodge Neon with no AC, sleeping on a combination of couches and roach motels, then camping for 18 Days at the festival where it poured for a third of it.  I wouldn’t do it that way again (I’ve sworn off camping and I like a comfortable bed) but having had that experience together was a gift and still liking each other at the end of it was a true test of our love!

Acoustic or electric:

Oh man, I love both.  Playing solo acoustic, you can connect with the audience more directly.  There’s a looseness and a freedom that you don’t have with a full band.  But with a band, there’s a different kind of freedom and you connect musically with one another.  The magic of collaboration and thinking about full arrangements is something I value so much these days.

Most outrageous dream:

Getting ready for a date with Mr. T and trying to find red pajamas to give him as a gift.

Favorite poet:

Never really had one favorite poet, but when I was going the creative writing route, I used to read more of it…the ones I returned to most – Anne Sexton, Russell Edson, The Shakespeare Sonnets, Bukowski and Rainer Marie Rilke’s “Letters to A Young Poet,” which I re-read every 7 years or so and have a different perspective every time. And of course, the poets that influence me most are the songwriter ones…Joni Mitchell, Dylan, Leonard Cohen.

Least favorite class in high school:


Favorite childhood memory:

Seeing Purple Rain for the first time and just feeling pure euphoric joy when the first close up of Prince’s face comes on the screen as “Let’s Go Crazy” kicks in.

Your favorite gig playing with the one and only Tom Bianchi:

Honestly any gig I get to play with him now, because I’m so grateful he’s still on the planet.  [Editor’s note: Tom had a very scary health scare last year and we’re all very thankful that he’s still around and doing great things in the Boston music scene.]


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