Fun Facts about Alisa Amador

Alisa Amador is a name that you need to remember.  The impact that she had made on music lovers in the Northeast is spreading rapidly since she recently came on the local scene.  I first witnessed the joy of Alisa’s interpretations of songs at one of the Club Passim tribute nights and fell in love with her velvety voice and so-so-so wonderful stage persona.  Getting to see Alisa live at last week’s Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference in Connecticut was a memorable experience.  She brought people to tears with her original songs in English and Spanish.  Be ready to wipe away a tear or two as she sings her lovely songs.

Alisa is the daughter of Puerto Rican/Argentine singer and bongo player, Rosi Amador and New Mexican guitarist and composer Brian Amador who make up the ensemble known as Sol y Canto. Alisa and her parents will be playing at the 60th-anniversary concert for Club Passim at the Shubert Theatre this Thursday and will be opening for the amazing Billy Wylder band at the me&thee in Marblehead on Friday, November 15, 2019.

To learn more about Alisa, check out her website.

Here’s a video of “Never Seem to Last.”

First song you ever learned to play:

“American Pie” by Don McLean

Favorite instrument to play:

My Gretsch-style electric guitar never ceases to amaze and inspire me, but I think the number one is still singing. I can play it whenever and it’s just so joyful and healing to sing.

Favorite memory of seeing your parents in concert:

It’s very hard to pick one. A recent highlight is the Sol y Canto 25th anniversary concert at Croma theatre (inside of Arlington Street Unitarian Universalist Church in Copley Square). The way my parents just give themselves completely to the music, the way they move people – it taught me so much about performing.

Best way to spend a day off:

Going on a walk (especially on a hill, mountain, or by a body of water) and singing songs with loved ones. Plus cooking something delicious!

Set list or no set list:

I put a lot of time into my set lists. When people give me their attention for the length of a set, it’s an honor! And also a responsibility. I always want them to feel taken care of and uplifted by the end of the set. I try not to leave the saddest song for the end, and tell stories only when it serves the song or brings in the audience.

Strangest bit of useless information that you share with people:

My pinkies don’t straighten all of the way. Maybe as a result of being born a month premature? I’ve learned to accept it!

Favorite dinosaur:

Pterodactyl – it flies! (Yes, I did just look up how to spell it, hehe)

A band that no one would ever believe you love:

Dirty Projectors. Not a band that people would first guess I listen to very much, more than I listen to Lake Street Dive (which people often compare my funkier folk-rock songs to) I love their creativity and rambunctious expressive energy. And, sometimes their poetry is spot on.

Best season of the year:

Autumn, through and through! I cry happy-sad tears when I step out into a sunny- chilly autumn day.

Sweet or savory:

I hope both is an option! Sweet and savory! I love all food! Except penicillin. Please don’t feed me penicillin.


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