Meet Phil Henry

Phil Henry is one of fourteen acts to appear at the 2022 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Thursday Night Music Stage.

If you’ve ever spent any time at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, you have probably seen Phil Henry. He can be spotted wearing a bright orange vest in the parking lot and welcoming everyone to this wonderful fest or he can seen and heard at his late-night camp leading song circles with many musicians. This year we get to see Phil on the main stage as an Emerging Artist and we couldn’t be more excited for him. This music teacher from Vermont personifies the spirit of our community; his songs are warm, lyrical and engaging.

Phil Henry’s latest recording, Chasing Echoes, is his first in five years. His performing band, Phil Henry and the News Feed (great name) backs him up on the 16 tracks that were produced during the pandemic. He also called upon a lot of musician friends to add more vocal backup and instrumentation touches. It’s a sonically refreshing recording for sure. As Phil’s bio states: “His songs have been recognized with concert wins at SolarFest andSusquehanna Music and Arts, and showcase sets at Falcon Ridge and Kerrville. Phil’s music exudes the skills of a craftsman and the authenticity of an artist.”

To learn more about Phil, visit his website.

Check out this video of Phil Henry playing the upbeat song,”Les Paul” with Nick Grandchamp.

The Thursday Night Music Stage takes place as part of The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival on July 28, 2022 at the Goshen, CT Fair Grounds.  This stage is sponsored by Harbortown Music and Scotten Jones Productions. Please consider signing up for email alerts to this blog for additional information about other artists.

Graphic provided by the one and only Peter Lehndorff.


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