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Meet Peter Lehndorff

Peter Lehndorff is one of fourteen acts to appear at the 2022 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Thursday Night Music Stage.

Peter Lehndorff is an integral member of the western Massachusetts music community. He is also a familiar face having volunteered for many years at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. It’s high time to celebrate his presence among us and to simultaneously rejoice upon the release of his latest recording, Don’t Be Discouraged. The more I get to know Peter, the more I realize that he is a hero among us. He was the caretaker for his wife, Kathy, who eventually died of Huntington’s Disease after many years. As many of you know, this is an extremely debilitating illness and the caretaker’s role is a huge undertaking. Peter emerged from this taxing experience with his sense of humor intact and a desire to do more within the folk community. You can often find him hosting open mics down in Connectictut at the Vanilla Bean as well as playing numerous gigs as a solo performer or with his partner, Sue Hill, as Soupeater, a duo whose speciality is the music of Tin Pan Alley. Their songs are fun-filled and uplifting.

Don’t Be Discouraged is Peter’s first album in 25 years. That’s quite a feat and the title of the record is telling, isn’t it? Peter’s songs are reminiscent of John Prine’s humorous songs; his delivery is spot on! The title song is especially memorable. The album was produced by Jim Henry and you’ll recognize many stellar musicians on the album like Tracy Grammer, Lisa Bastoni, Paul Kochanski, JJ O’Connell, Lorne Entress, Dave Chalfant, Chris Haynes, Joel Tepp, Sue Hill, and, of course, the aforementioned Jim Henry. This CD is a testament to the healing power of music and the importance of community.

Find out more about Peter on his website. Make sure you read the liner notes to the CD.

Here’s a video of “Don’t Be Discouraged.”

The Thursday Night Music Stage takes place as part of The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival on July 28, 2022 at the Goshen, CT Fair Grounds.  This stage is sponsored by Harbortown Music and Scotten Jones Productions. Please consider signing up for email alerts to this blog for additional information about other artists.

Graphic provided by the one and only¬†Peter Lehndorff. Yes! He’s a graphic designer too!!!