Fun Facts about Lisa Bastoni

Sometimes I like to have a little bit of fun with the musicians that I’m helping to promote.  There is plenty of information “out there” about most musicians so this is a unique opportunity to find out some fun facts about them!  Find out a bit more about Lisa Bastoni below.  You may (or may not) know that Lisa is a fine artist as well as a musician so it’s great to find out who she admires in that part of her life. And who doesn’t want to know what others binge-watch?
Lisa Bastoni is a very hard-working musician whose music is heartfelt and inspiring. She had taken a hiatus from the music world for a while to concentrate on being a mother and her artwork.  But, she’s back!  Find out more information about Lisa on her website.
Check out this video of Lisa Bastoni (along with Sean Staples) singing her song “Nearby.”
Lisa will be joined by Jim Trick and Radoslav Lorkovic at the me&thee in Marblehead, MA on Friday, February 28, 2020.
And here’s the fun facts I promised!
Is there a musical instrument that you would secretly like to learn?  What is it about that instrument that intrigues you?
I’d secretly love to learn how to play the fiddle – I just love the sound of it.
Favorite artists in these mediums:
a. Painting – Margaret Kilgallen
b. Illustration – Carson Ellis
c. Sculpture – Louise Nevelson
d. Photography – Annie Leibovitz
Favorite emoji
The last show that you binge-watched
Schitt’s Creek
Scariest movie you’ve ever seen
An Inconvenient Truth
Most memorable show you have ever played and why?
I’ve loved being a part of a few of Rose Polenzani’s Sub Rosa shows at the Lizard Lounge – they are always so inspiring! It’s such a wild and fun experience to cram/learn about 30 songs immediately before the show. Then, to perform alongside such an incredible group of musicians is exhilarating (especially for a folkie who usually plays solo)!
Most influential musician in your life
As a folksinger, I just automatically blurt out “Bob Dylan,” but really, the most influential musician was probably my grandmother. She played guitar and wrote songs just for the fun of it, and gave me my first guitar when I was thirteen.
Title of the last song you wrote
“Honeymoon in Disneyland”
Dream dinner party guests
Lynda Barry, Kelly Hogan, Mavis Staples
Best surprise you ever got
Hearing my name called as one of the Kerrville New Folk Winners