Michael Loria

Meet Hank Wonder

Hank Wonder is one of fourteen acts to appear at the 2022 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Thursday Night Music Stage.

Have you wondered who Hank Wonder is? Here’s some news for you: Hank Wonder is not a person. It is a trio of extremely talented musicians who decided to name their band after a couple of music superstars from vastly different genres: Hank Williams and Stevie Wonder. Creating a new music sound that morphs soul and r&b with classic country is unique to say the least. This Boston-based band consists of Darren Buck on vocals, Annie Bartlett on fiddle and viola, and Michael Loria on guitar. Having witnessed this band in action, I can tell you that they’re magical and full of joy! They are a perfect fit for a festival like Falcon Ridge.

Hank Wonder has released two albums thus far. Their debut, Little Mysteries, appeared in 2017 and after some COVID-related hiccups, their latest album, Waylaid, was released in the summer of 2021. Zachariah Hickman (Ray Montagne, Josh Ritter, Mark Erelli, Chris O’Brien, Rodney Crowell, and Barnstar) produced Waylaid and captured the fun and creativity of the band in style. Lead singer, Darren Buck, tells the story of his early attempt to kickstart his brainchild of a soul-flavored country band while living in New York City and it didn’t get off the ground until he met fellow bandmates, Annie and Michael, in Boston. Darren’s patience paid off and he won the lottery with these two excellent players.

To learn more about Hank Wonder, check out their website.

Here’s an interview that I did with Darren shortly after Waylaid was released.

This a special video of the band playing at the annual Club Passim Campfire Festival in 2020. Needless to say, the club asked acts to send in their sets since in person music was not possible.

Couldn’t resist including this oldie but goodie version of “Billie Jean” from several years back.

The Thursday Night Music Stage takes place as part of The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival on July 28, 2022 at the Goshen, CT Fair Grounds.  This stage is sponsored by Harbortown Music and Scotten Jones Productions. Please consider signing up for email alerts to this blog for additional information about other artists.

Graphic provided by the one and only Peter Lehndorff.