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Fun Facts About Ronny Cox

Ronny Cox is has worked in the entertainment industry his entire career—mostly as an actor.  His list of roles in film, TV, and stage is long and varied— as the ill-fated businessman, Drew Ballinger, in Deliverance to playing alongside Charlton Heston in Gray Lady Down to working with Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop I and II.  Ronny even took control of the USS Enterprise as Captain Edward Jellico in Star Trek: The Next Generation!  When he’s not acting, Ronny plays at clubs, coffeehouses, and festivals. His repertoire consists of a variety of original songs and well-chosen cover songs.

Ronny Cox will be playing at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead, MA on April 12 with acclaimed musician, Radoslav Lorkovic.

To find out more about Ronny Cox, check out his website.

Here’s a video of Ronny singing his song “I’ll Waltz You Home” which he sang on the TV show Nashville.

Here are some fun facts about Ronny.

Favorite TV show when you were a kid:

TV, when I was a kid in New Mexico… (the nearest antenna was 91 miles away) consisted of someone staring at the TV sets and occasionally saying….. “I saw something!”

Favorite TV show as an adult:

I’m pretty much a news junkie these days

Favorite actor of all time:

Spencer Tracy

Favorite actress of all time:

Meryl Streep

Name three of your favorite acting roles:

Picking a favorite role is like picking a favorite child… although I do like playing the “bad guys”…. I had a lot of fun playing “The Tooth Fairy” in Dexter… and, of course, Dick Jones in RoboCop    or Cohagen in Total Recall

 Most cherished memory from childhood:

The first time I saw Mary (Ronny’s wife) …. she had just moved to my town and was an 11-year-old girl.. (I was 14) with a paper route… we all thought she was weird.

Most cherished memory as an adult:

The birth of my granddaughter, Catherine.

Name three of your favorite songwriters:

Mickey Newbury, Randy Newman, John Prine

Beatles or Stones?


Chocolate or Vanilla?