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Fun Facts about Hayley Reardon

When Hayley Reardon first picked up a guitar in July 2008, this young songstress uncovered both a deep passion and an obvious natural talent, unleashing a flood of beautifully constructed, delicately phrased songs. Hayley’s latest release, Good, was entirely fan-funded and shows how far she has progressed since her early days in front of a mic or in the recording studio. Good represents a confident musician, one most capable and commanding of her talents. Lorne Entress (Lori McKenna, Catie Curtis, Erin McKeown) produced the album with beautiful arrangements that highlight the powerful messages in her songs.

Reardon’s sterling debut album, 2012’s Where the Artists Go, achieved widespread acclaim in New England. In fact, Reardon was named a Bostonian of the Year by Boston Globe Magazine in 2012 in celebration of not only her music but her work to use as a vessel for empowerment, especially for young girls who found inspiration in her lyrics.  With a voice as distinctively rich and a contemplative sincerely in her songwriting, Reardon has more in common with Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, and Tracy Chapman than many of today’s young pop singer-songwriters. Her lyrics are wise beyond her years. Hayley’s 2014 release Wayfindingsexpanded her international footprint via syndicated public radio show “Art of the Song,” and praise from Paste, Performer MagazineAmericana UK, and American Songwriter who referred to its first single, “Numb & Blue” as a “melancholy little masterpiece.

Hayley Reardon will be performing at the me&thee in Marblehead, MA on Friday, September 21.

I thought it might be fun to have her give us some quick thoughts about a variety of different topics.
Most moving performance you’ve ever given
There’s a girls camp in Vermont I’ve performed at for about 5 years now called Camp Farwell. Performing there is always a really moving, fulfilling experience for me.
Most moving performance you’ve ever experienced
Hmmm … so many. I saw The Staves once at a time when I really needed some inspiration and it was very moving for me.
Favorite song of all time
I know this question is a songwriter’s right of passage but I honestly don’t have just one. Never have — too many songs for too many moments.
Short-term career goal
To recreate my Handwritten Sessions tour here in the US around the release of my new EP. More house shows and gigs in odd, unexpected places.
Long-term career goal
I have lots. One would be to be able to afford to tour with accompaniment more regularly.
Would love to sing a duet with:
Hmmm … Joni Mitchell? Me and everybody else.
Memorable fan encounter
I played a tiny, intimate show at a youth hostel in Edinburgh once. The audience was all young travelers except for this one older man named Oliver who turned out to be my great grandmother’s cousin. He told me all about the day she left Ireland to come to America as a young woman and how the whole family all assumed they would never see her again.
Best road trip experience
I’ve done a few short runs of shows with my best friend Kate as my travel companion — one through the Northeast and one through California. Those were both magic because we laughed the entire time. She’s so special and it was such a treat to have her with me. Also, The Handwritten Sessions tour was an epic road trip around the entire UK playing only house shows & intimate spaces. We traded concerts for beds so that was amazing in terms of the people we met and different worlds/ lifestyles we got to experience — everything from a Downton Abbey-esque estates to living on a houseboat in Chelsea Harbor.
Favorite class in high school 
Off the top of my head I remember loving US Government. But also always an English girl.
Scariest movie you’ve ever seen
I stay away from scary movies because I’m easily frightened so the list of horror movies I’ve seen at all is so short.
Your guilty pleasure
One Direction! Oh and The Mindy Project. My mom and I live for Mindy.