Welcome to Everything Sundry!

Welcome!  I’ve been giving some thought to starting a blog for some time now.  There’s something to be said about communicating with people one knows and with those who one has yet to meet.  I hope this missive reaches both.

I am writing to you from my modest home in Marblehead, Massachusetts–a small town on the seacoast north of Boston.  It’s a quaint town  with great views, fantastic people, and a fair number of things to  do to keep the community very busy and very happy.

How can you not fall in love with a town that looks  like this?

Looking across the harbor toward the lighthouse

Or this….?

Picturesque scenes everywhere


Hidden natural wonders abound here

And you’ll be hearing a lot about my home away from home–the me&thee coffeehouse on Mugford Street.

Sold-out show with Holly Near

So let’s hope I can keep up a healthy pace and add some cool stuff to the internet universe.

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