Quick Q and A with Jim Trick

Jim Trick is a Marblehead man about town.  Everyone seems to know him.  He’s not only a Marblehead businessman / optician but also a motivational / inspirational speaker and as if that wasn’t enough, he writes some fabulous music and sings and plays guitar whenever he has the chance.  His music carries many meaningful messages to his audiences, bringing hope and joy to all who listen.


How would you describe your music?

 It’s some blend of alt neo-folk meets alt country.  I don’t think it would be unreasonable to add thoughtful pop into the mix, though the mere mention of that “p” word sends some folks running for the hills.

 Who are your most important musical influences?

 Bruce Cockburn’s work is very important to me.  His unique approach to the acoustic guitar I find very inspirational, as is his ability to turn life experiences into songs.  I’m the youngest of 5 by a minimum of ten years.  My brother’s rooms were wall to wall with vinyl and I’ve always loved the Beatles. I was raised on the good stuff. 

 I understand that you have done considerable work as a speaker at churches, retreats, and workshops.  What prompted you to get into this kind of work?

 When I was 13 my mother and I watched as my dad suffered a massive brain stem stroke in a Boston train station.  Our faith really got us through that time and I don’t think I even really understood the impact that had on me until I was a young adult.  Helping people to the redemptive aspects of God is important to me and opportunities have always come my way.

 My parents never forced faith down my throat and I was encouraged to ask tough questions.  I know it’s the opposite for a lot of folks.  Seems like the more parents push the more kids run away.  My parents didn’t push and I think that’s part of why my curiosity stayed strong. 

 You’ve received kudos from all over about how well you interact with your audiences and form “community” through your words and music.  That’s a real gift.  What’s your most memorable experience doing this kind of work?

 I wrote a song several years ago called “The Blessing.”  It’s about the relationship between one of my brothers and my dad.  I feel like that song is always bigger than the moment when it is sung and the reaction it gets reminds me that as songwriters we have the chance to do more than entertain.  I love that about this part of my work.

Jim, you have worked here in Marblehead as our local optician for over a decade.  What’s it like to be performing here?

 Great question Kathy!  In many respects my musical life has been a double life of sorts.  It’s not unusual for me to be off someplace playing or speaking to pretty big audiences and then to be back at the office, wearing tan pants and adjusting glasses.  Rachel Taylor and I played as a duo at the Festival of the Arts this summer and the reaction was great.  No one tried to run us out with torches and pitch forks so I feel safe playing here.

 I’d also add that I LOVE the me&thee!  We have seen several of our favorite artists there and I’m excited to be on the other side of the mic!

 For more information about Jim, check out his website.


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