Quick Q and A with Carey Murdock

Carey Murdock is a man on a mission—he’s bound and determined to spread his music from coast to coast and beyond.  He’s made Nashville his home but is on the road playing gigs more often than not.  His CD, Baby Don’t Look Down, was produced by Patrick Blanchard (who plays with Shawn Mulllins).  Bandcamp voted this CD their Staff Pick Favorite and it is easy to see why.


You’ve been writing songs and playing since you were fifteen years old.  What inspired you to choose the guitar and to start writing your own songs? 

I was just drawn to the guitar for some reason. I began to write my own songs because I joined this garage band in high school and we decided that we had to write our songs – that we couldn’t be just a cover band — – That was fine except that no one in the band wrote songs. So, I began writing because no one else did. 

How would you compare your style to other artists?  If a music fan likes “Artist So and So….,” then they should like Carey Murdock…. 


Springsteen meets Harry Connick, Jr… 

 You’ve started something called “The 45 Project” for your fans.  This enables your fans to receive “songs” from you on a regular basis.  What’s been the reaction thus far? 

The reaction has been amazing. My fans raised around $12,000 for me to record my latest project. The first two songs of the 45 Project were just released January 6…. the first two songs, or “digital 45″… and the response has been overwhelming, enthusiastic, and positive. It’s the biggest reaction I’ve felt from something I’ve done career-wise so far.




Do you feel equally at home doing solo shows as you do with your band? 

I do feel equally at home. It is a different show and different setting, solo versus the band (perhaps somewhat obviously), but I tend to tell more stories and play songs that I wouldn’t normally play with the band as part of my solo set. 

 Your choice of cover songs is especially interesting. I have to admit that I was blown away by your version of Elton John’s “Blues for Baby and Me.”  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone cover that song but it’s brilliant!  Well done!

Thank you Kathy! I really despise covering songs that I’ve heard everyone play (i.e. Sweet Home Alabama, Under the Bridge… ) There are a lot of amazing songs that few people learn and play and those are the songs I would rather interpret and share. I don’t believe “Sweet Home Alabama” needs another interpretation really. Or Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”… I think it’s more interesting to hear something only vaguely familiar and in a new way. 

 What’s a typical day in the life of Carey Murdock like when he’s home in Nasvhille? 

I spend a lot more time on the road than I do at home. In 2012, I was only home in Nashville for about 40 days or so simply because I toured non-stop. But, when I am home in Nashville I get up fairly early, hit the coffee, and write a bit on the guitar. I will catch up with fellow songwriters throughout the day and maybe meet one downtown somewhere to co-write a song (I’ve co-written three songs so far with my landlord and friend Benita Hill who wrote “Two Pina Coladas” for Garth Brooks). In the evening, I’ll grab dinner with a friend and catch one of the local bands playing at the Basement or 12th & Porter (local Nashville venues) …And that’s my normal Nashville day. 

More information about Carey Murdock is on his website.

Have a listen to some tunes here.

Carey will be opening for Shawn Mullins at the me&thee in Marblehead, MA on February 22.


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