Quick Q and A with The Vespers

The Vespers have been called an underground sensation.  As the interview below notes, the Cryar sisters (Phoebe and Callie) and the Jones brothers (Bruno and Taylor) discovered that the music that they make together is unique and unlike any other music “out there.”   They have a gospel folk-rock-pop sound that is irresistible.

For more information about the Vespers visit their website

Check out this video from their CD release show in Nashville.  


How long have the four of you been singing and playing together?  

 We started jamming together in May of 2009.

When you first collaborated, could you tell that something unique and magical was happening?

 Yes. The first time the four of us were in a room playing together with the instrumentation that we had at the time, (upright bass, etc) we felt we had a unique sound developing, unlike anything we had done in the past in other bands.

Who is responsible for the songwriting in the band?

All four members of the group contribute in certain ways. Some of us are better finishers than starters when it comes to writing, & vice versa, but the team works well together in that way.

Callie and Phoebe, your father is involved with the music industry.  Did he ever try to dissuade you from going down that road?  Have you gotten any pearls of wisdom from him as you continue to navigate the sometimes rocky roads in this business?

He never dissuaded us. On the contrary he encouraged it! Something he’s told me that I’ve always remembered is to be there for your audience’s enjoyment, don’t act like they are there for your enjoyment. It is your job to entertain them, don’t assume that they are there to support you because even more than that they are there to be entertained.

Bruno and Taylor, you guys keep the back beat going in the band.  Do you have any interesting anecdotes about being on the road?  

Ha ha, there’s plenty but I’d have to tell ’em to ya in person. 🙂

How much of the country have you seen while touring?  Have you had the opportunity to play abroad yet?

We’ve seen about 40 states & have played on both coasts & lots of places in between. We’ve not been out of the country as of yet though..

Your music is a crossover of pop, folk, and Americana with a dab of Christian on top.  Have you been surprised by how much secular music fans have embraced your music?

No, not really surprised.  At first we wanted our music to be enjoyable for anyone, but we ran away from the Christian label. Nowadays we embrace the gospel centeredness of our songs & try presenting them in a way that still anyone can enjoy them in hopes that the gospel may be spread through that approach.

What’s in store for the Vespers?

Hopefully a batch of great songs that we can use to make a 3rd album with.

The Vespers will be appearing at the me&thee in Marblehead, MA on Friday, April 19.


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