What Do The Beatles Mean to Jim Trick?

Jim Trick describes how his siblings breathed new light and vision into his music hero choices as a young boy.  He does so in his own inimitable Jim Trick-esque way.  Jim mesmerized the “All You Need is Love” audience a couple of years ago.  He walked in and told our surprised sound engineer that he didn’t need a sound check .  The engineer shrugged didn’t understand because everyone always wants a sound check…but not Jim.  When it came his turn to sing, we all understood why as Jim walked the length and breadth of the sanctuary and sang to each and every person there that night.  It was magical.
Experience the Jim Trick magic at this year’s “All You Need is Love” benefit on Saturday, May 21 at the me&thee in Marblehead, MA.  Doors at 7:00 p.m. Show begins at 7:30 p.m. Don’t miss it.
Here are Jim’s thoughts about The Beatles.
I am lucky enough to have three brothers and a sister who are all a minimum of ten years older than me.
They are all either musicians or music lovers.
My brother collected vinyl.
The attic that they had turned into their bedroom was double stacked with milk crates filled with records.
Jazz, rock, classical, Mongolian throat music…
They had it all, nothing was off limits.
My record player was nothing like their’s.
Somehow I had gotten my hands on an album by the Bay City Rollers and I was just a little kid so someone really needed to do a better job watching me.
I played it and played it and…
Finally my big brother had had enough and came to my rescue.
I was invited into their room as if being invited into the holy of holies.
They instructed me to sit down and I did.
In what I now recognize as a full on musical intervention.
At eight years old they rescued me from my rock bottom.
The needle hit…
The crackle began…
The music started…
“What’s this?” I asked
“They are The Beatles” my brother replied.
I never looked back.

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