Quick Q and A with The Ghost of Paul Revere

If you like the fun sensation of discovering bands just as they’re starting to ascend that crazy mountain of success in the music world, then I’d strongly suggest that you pay close attention to The Ghost of Paul Revere.  They have a lot going in their favor; they’ve known each for years; and, boy oh boy, they sound damn good together.  Their music escalates in an exciting and magical way —making your heart beat faster and placing you right in that moment in time.  Listening to The Ghost of Paul Revere is intoxicating in an organic kind of way.  One song just ain’t enough.  Highly recommended that you listen to everything they’ve ever done.

To learn more about The Ghost of Paul Revere, visit their website.

Check out this video to get a taste of this great band.


For the uninitiated, what is a holler band?

Holler Folk is what we branded our own style of music. It’s a little folk, a little rhythm and blues, with a nod to traditional.

You’ve all been friends for many years.  Do you recall the first time that you got together to play?

It was at the Dogfish in Portland about five years ago. We had been joining together individually once a month there, and one month we simply came to the conclusion that it might sound fantastic if we all played together. Max, Sean, and I have known each other for the vast majority of our existence so, of course, there were plays and choruses and such, even a quick band in High School. The Ghost, however, seemed different than what had come before.

Did you start out playing covers?

Those first shows we needed three hours of music, so naturally we played everything and anything we could. Since our inception, though, we’ve focused on writing original music. Now we are fortunate to play our music exclusively. We still throw some covers in from time to time. It’s a great way to honor our own musical heroes.

What artists have inspired you in terms of their sound, song craftsmanship, and performances?

Individually we all have such diverse tastes that it runs the spectrum. Universally, I supposed I could confidently say The Beatles, The Band, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, and Tom Waits. I remember listening to Elvis, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, and Led Zeppelin when I was growing up. I think having such diversity in tastes helps us keep our own music continually interesting.

 What’s the music scene like in Maine?  Did you find it a nurturing place as you got the band ready to start playing off of your home turf?

Maine has an interesting music scene, no doubt about it. You’ll find people who pursue music beyond our borders and those content with staying where they are do so with equal fervor. We got our start in Portland, which is a very saturated and talented scene. So we had to work extra hard to make sure our voices were heard and eventually found support in a great community who inspire each other and create music we all were proud of. We found support outside of town just by heading out and playing. There were so many places that young bands were passing up because it was more remote. I’ve found those remote less flashy places give you the most incredible fans.

What’s been the most fulfilling experiences you’ve had as musicians?

I think its safe to say almost every aspect – Performing music with others, watching strangers adopt and fall in love with our music, seeing it truly affect people, being a part of things like Newport Folk Festival, or seeing our family, friends, and fans fill the State Theater – that list is almost inexhaustible.

Do you enjoy touring?  Any fun tour stories to share?  We can only imagine what it’s like to be cramped into a car for hours at a time!

We do. The traveling is exciting and exhausting. My favorite aspect is certainly meeting new people and witnessing the unparalleled hospitality shown to us everywhere we go. Gives a person a hope. I’m sure there are many stories I shouldn’t tell from the road for one reason or another. Needless to say that we do not lack adventurous lives and have acquired an almost vampiric thirst for Podcasts.

What’s up in the near and far future for the band? 

We’re brewing up a new album we’re very excited about and hopefully more shows, everywhere


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