Quick Q and A with Jeremy Todd

Jeremy Todd is a first-grader at the Glover School in Marblehead.  He may only be seven years old but he’s had a long-standing love affair with the Beatles.  His mother, Caroline Todd recently interviewed Jeremy for us. Caroline teaches at the Veteran’s School in Marblehead.

Jeremy has attended many of the “All You Need is Love” shows at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead and this will be his first appearance there. This year’s show takes place on Saturday, May 20, 2017.  Some of the proceeds from this and other me&thee shows go to sending musicians into local schools for concerts and workshops.

 When I say Beatles, what comes to mind?

I would say the picture of them playing on the Ed Sullivan Show.

How did you see that?  

Daddy played it for me because I liked their songs.

When did you first hear the Beatles?  Did you like them when you first heard them?

I heard them on the radio and liked them right away.  Daddy made me a CD.

What was the first song you remember?

“She Loves You”

Do you remember playing “Name That Tune” when you were about two?

Daddy showed me the video.  He would whistle.  I would say “Penny Lane” and “Let it Be.”

How did you get the Beatles lunch box you take to school every day?

My preschool teacher knew they were my favorite band because I kept humming Beatles songs, so Miss Amy gave it to me.

Miss Melanie would play “Obladi Oblada” as a reward.  She called it the silly song.

Do you remember what you took for alphabet show and tell? 

I took my Beatles book for the letter B.  I took it again for quartet for Q.

Who is your favorite Beatle?

I would say John.  He loved peace.


I would say any of them because they are all great.

Do you remember you first Beatles performance?

It was “Come Together” at the Williams Octet reunion.  I strummed my guitar and Daddy did the beat.  And I did the lyrics.

What made you decide to learn how to play “A Little Help from my Friends,” the song you are playing at the me&thee?

It’s a favorite because it is so flowing.

What did you think of the Beatles shows we’ve had at the me&thee?

Very good because the Beatles are my favorite band.

Are you excited to be playing as part of the show this year?

YES!  because I love the Beatles.

It will be fun to be part of a show with TMax and Tony Toledo.

Where did you see your first concert?

I don’t know.  Where?   Mama:  At the me&thee coffeehouse.  You were not even a year old and we saw Rani Arbo and the Daisy Mayhem at the me&thee.



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