What the Beatles Mean to Bird Mancini

Bird Mancini is a power duo/band which encompasses husband and wife Billy Carl Mancini and Ruby Bird.  They have an innovative style and play riveting guitar, accordion, harmonica and melodica and blend their voices together as delicious as a fruit smoothie.  This Boston-based group can be found in clubs all over town and can be heard singing their original songs as well as some great Beatles songs, often with their good friend, T Max.

To learn more about Bird Mancini, check out their website


Here’s a video of Bird Mancini singing George Harrison’s “Apple Scruffs” with T Max.

Billy Carl Mancini told us how important the Beatles were to him.

Like everyone else who was alive in 1964, I heard and saw The Beatles on television.  I started collecting Beatle bubblegum cards and really wanted a Beatle wig.  That, my Mom just wouldn’t buy me.  Little did she know what it would be worth today.  She did buy me my first Beatles single, “My Bonnie” (yes, I know that’s not technically The Beatles, but she didn’t know).  My father bought me my first full length Beatles album, Something New.  I think he lived to regret that!

The Beatles influenced my life in a big way.  I have no idea what I would be doing today if not for them.  I do know what would not have been.  I likely would not have become a musician and songwriter.  I wouldn’t operate a recording studio.  I wouldn’t have the same friends.  I wouldn’t be married to my wonderful wife Ruby Bird who I met at a music talent show in Tucson, AZ.  Why was I in Tucson?  I went there to join a band and try to be a full-time musician.  And finally, to keep it right up to date, I wouldn’t be writing this blog and preparing to play an all Beatles night with T Max at “Me & Thee Coffeehouse.

Ruby Bird also told us how important the Beatles were to her.

I too remember that debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show as if it had happened yesterday.  It affected my whole family, and it was all my classmates could talk about at school the next day.  Being from the Midwest, we had no foreknowledge of The Beatles or the resulting mania.  We had just never seen or heard anything like this!  I would not be exaggerating to say that this event changed my whole life.  Nothing was the same after that, and I probably owe my music career to that moment in time and history.  Their influence on the world has been, and still is, phenomenal.
Bird Mancini will be performing in “All You Need is Love” Beatles show on Saturday May 20 at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead, MA.  Proceeds help send musicians into local schools.

Photo by David Manch

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