Through the Musical Cosmos Episode 25

So it’s time for Episode 25 (where does the time fly) of “Through the Musical Cosmos!”  Mary Reines and I talk about music.  What else is there in life?  Hell, it’s so much cooler to talk about music than politics, football, or anything else that riles people up!  Music is the elixir of life as far as we’re concerned.  It soothes our souls and it makes us happy. What’s not to like?

During this episode, Mary talks about two more bands she’ll be seeing at Otis Mountain Get Down in Elizabethtown, NY — Weaves and The Shacks.  Kathy discusses the acts who will be playing at the season opener of the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead, MA on September 7 — Night Tree and Marbleheader, Nora Tirrell.


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