Quick Q and A with Ryanhood

Ryanhood has gone from busking on the streets of Boston to becoming a fan favorite at clubs, festivals, and conference across the country.  Their music is sweet, sweet ear candy.  Tuscon, Arizona residents, Ryan Green and Cameron Hood, are close friends and share fun stage banter as well as sensational musical chops all the while aided by some of the sweetest harmonies you’ll ever want to hear. I’ve enjoyed seeing them numerous times and they are always in top form, entertaining the audience from the second they walk on stage until their closing notes.

Check out the Ryanhood website to read some great accolades and stories about their history together.

Their promo video gives you a taste of what a show with Ryanhood is like.


Here’s Ryanhood playing their song “Second City” which gives you a deeper understanding of their musicality.

Ryanhood will be playing at the me&thee in Marblehead , MA on October 4.

The story goes that you both met in high school when you were in different bands.  Was there any kind of intense rivalry at that time or did you appreciate each other’s talents despite your own band’s allegiance?

RDG: On the surface, I think we really did view each other as rivals. We were a grade apart, and it just felt like there could be only one popular band in the high school (which of course wasn’t at all true, but it was sort of the narrative we bought into). But certainly, beneath the surface, we both really respected each other. I saw how talented and confident he was as a frontman and songwriter, and he saw how dedicated of a guitarist I was, and I think it was only a matter of time before we admitted it and joined forces.

You spent a good deal of time on the road playing the college music circuit.  How does that compare with the types of venues and festivals you play now?  Have you maintained some of your fans from the “college years”?

RDG: The college circuit is interesting… the shows are somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes you luck out and are playing a theater full of captive parents and students for parents’ weekend, and sometimes you’re playing in an empty cafeteria. You really never know. But what’s amazing is that many of our most dedicated fans are folks who discovered us at one of those cafeteria shows, when we thought no one was listening.

How would you describe your music?  It looks like you’ve been categorized as folk, pop, and rock!

RDG: I’ve heard us called Simon and Garfunkel on steroids…with mandolin!

What influences did you have when you first started writing your own songs?

RDG: We’re influenced by classic artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunkel, blended with some of the riffing and rocking of the 90’s rock we listened to in high school (Gin Blossoms, Tonic, Collective Soul) and I’m also heavily influenced creatively by acoustic pioneers like Béla Fleck and Chris Thile.

 If you had to direct someone who had never heard your music before, which song would you suggest that they listen to?

RDG: Maybe “I Didn’t Put Anything Into Your Place.” That song was a co-write, and also features both of us on lead vocals, so you get a strong sense of what we both have to offer. And, statistically, it’s our most-streamed song on Spotify, so that must mean something as well.

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